Summary Dashboards Live Maps V10 – Part 2

Continue on this amazing adventure with us as we go over more cool updates to Live Maps v10!

Watch our user group session for a first-run experience on the following:

  • Affected Services Widget
  • Custom Dashboards Widget
  • HTML Widget
  • Webpage Widget
  • Event Summary Widget
  • Object Properties Widget
  • SQL Widget
  • Alert Management

Q&A Summary

  1. Can you go over mobile integration for Live Maps?
    We have some articles about the mobile integrations on our Learning Center. You can find them here.
  2. Are there any v10 updates for the mobile app?
    Not at the moment. There are plans to revamp the mobile app.
  3. Are there any improvements with the authoring console in v10?
    Our goal is to actually move the features from the authoring console to the HTML5 portal in the future.
  4. Has any testing been done for performance between Powershell widget and SQL widget?
    We’ve done some internal testing in regards to the speed and the number of queries running at any given time. SQL seems to come back a bit faster, because we’re sending the queries directly to the database. PowerShell queries can be a bit slower due to having to run through SCOM and then the SDK. This is due to the fact that we have to get in line with all others waiting on the SDK to respond.