Live Maps v10.5: Theming Functionality, Catalogue Feature, and System Dashboards

In this session, we:

  • Take you through the exciting Live Maps improvements included in our v10.5 release.
  • Explore our much anticipated Live Maps theming functionality, our new catalogue feature, new system dashboards, and much more.


Our Customer Support Manager, Chris Malay, are presenting, supported by our Customer Success Managers, Andrea Easton and Luke O’Keeffe.

Q&A Summary


1. Is the mobile device notification service used for anything in v10.4/5 or can it be removed entirely?

The mobile notification service is no longer needed. In the admin section where downloads are, it isn’t included anymore. For those on an older version still using the older app, you obviously need the mobile notification. Once you convert to v10.4 or v10.5 and you have access to the new app, it’s no longer needed and can be removed. One thing that you will notice if you remove it, is that you may get an alert that says that the service doesn’t exist in SCOM. To solve this there are a few things you can do:

a) Remove the MP as we do not need it any longer. Please note that it will be imported when you upgrade as it hasn’t been removed from our installer yet. When you upgrade, you’ll notice that it will be added back.

b) In addition to removing the MP, you can also create an override to ignore the alert.

2. Can columns be set to a specific width?

It is possible to change column width, but when the page refreshes it will return to default. Column widths are not something that we customize at this time. Columns can be moved but will reset on a refresh. We would like to change this and it is a feature request. We added the column functionality first and we’ll continue to work on changing it.

3. I have the Web Availability Monitor set to best case. Therefore, if one agent is reporting green the health roll-up should be green. But when one of the agents is grey, the roll-up is red for some reason. Am I doing something wrong?

That is a SCOM issue more than anything else. In a dependency health roll-up, SCOM has a habit of rolling up unavailable objects as critical. In the overrides there is a way to change it so that SCOM ignores ‘unavailable’. Please note that this means that boards will stay green if unavailable. The state of the object itself will be grey-unavailable but the state of the roll up going into the dashboard itself will stay green if overridden.

4. Is there a way to change the font size on a board to suit our screens better?

Our theming option allows you to change colour but it does not change the font. Font sizes can be adjusted through the override CSS. It is possible to change the font size depending on what you want to change. If you’ve already changed the font I recommend that you make a backup of the override CSS and make sure to put anything related to font size back in there. Please contact Support or Customer Success if you would like to schedule a session to assist you with this.

5. Do you have plans on adding an option for exporting performance charts to PDF or CSV?

In any performance chart if you change the view to grid, you then have an option to export to CSV.

6. Can users select their own theme? Is it not a “Global” setting?

Yes, users can select their own theme. You will notice that as a SCOM admin you have the power to come into the theming options and publish certain themes. Users can log in and select their own theme from the published themes, i.e. you can have a default theme but also allow users to have access to other themes, if you choose. The CSS override was a forced global theme. The new theming feature in Live Maps provides you with options to have multiple themes published.

7. Has any thought been put into the “Homepage” e.g. allowing a user to set a “Homepage” for themselves?

We have considered that, but it has not been implemented yet. Currently, there is only one homepage and it is a universal homepage, but we are moving towards customization. In v10.4. and v10.5, you will notice that there’s now a user’s icon in the upper right-hand corner. If they click on it, they can choose from profile, settings, and themes options. We are starting to roll out some of these options because we are starting to store data in the SQL Light database that is on a particular instance.