How-to: Integrate Live Maps with Microsoft SharePoint

How-to: Integrate Live Maps with Microsoft SharePoint

Savision Live Maps for Operations Manager 2007 is the platform to create customized state views on top of OpsMgr. These views can be shared with different groups within your organisation using the Live Maps web console. The Live Maps web views can also be easily integrated in a SharePoint portal.

In this article I will explain how you can integrate a Live Maps web view in a SharePoint portal.

First start the Live Maps web console and open the view that needs to be integrated in the SharePoint portal. After you have opened the view click the globe icon to open the view in a full screen modus.

The URL in full screen modus directly links to the specific view. Copy this URL to the clipboard.

Switch to the SharePoint site and select Edit Page from the Site Actions menu.

Click Add Web Part and add the Page Viewer Web Part.

After the Page Viewer Web Part has been added click Edit and Modify Shared Web Part to configure the web part settings.


Set the display type to Web Page, paste the URL you copied in one of the previous steps in the Link field, set theTitle text and specify a fixed Height. Save the settings and exit the site edit modus to review the result.

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More information about Live Maps for Operations Manager 2007 can be found here.