Unified IT Operations with IT Service Management

Savision provides a complete plug-and-play event management solution for Jira Software


Jira Software and Savision

Unified Event Management

Savision connects with the leading IT infrastructure monitoring systems such as SCOM, Solarwinds, Nagios, Dynatrace as well as public clouds Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through its service-oriented perspective it correlates, filters and prioritizes alerts and forwards only the critical business-affecting outages by creating a single Jira Software ticket for the Service Desk to respond to.

Savision shows the real-time status of business services and allows both IT operations and IT service management to see end-user issues before they call the service desk. By acknowledging and creating an incident proactively, it drastically reduces the number of end-user calls to the service desk and it also reduces problem resolution time by up to 50%. Root-cause analysis can be started immediately, and correlated issues can be highlighted whether they are end-user, application, or infrastructure related. This proactive use of monitoring information helps organisations mature further their IT operations by aligning it with their existing Jira Software investment.

For Jira Software and Savision customers this means

Incident Automation: Streamlined alert handling workflow between IT operations and IT service management and quicker resolution times. Intelligently group and ticket alerts based on service and business orientation to group as incidents and forward to Jira Software. Receive bi-directional updates as progress is made towards resolution. Improve uptime through alert correlation and automated incident management.

IT Troubleshooting: Monitoring systems collect useful real-time troubleshooting information. Access to this information is often lost as incident tickets bounce around IT functional teams in search of resolution. Savision links back to the original real-time monitoring system that precipitated the ticket initially, eliminating repetitive troubleshooting with each team.

Visualize your IT Environment: Savision provides a great overview of your IT environment. It stores the devices and also all of the relationships that are discovered by Jira Software CMDB. This dependency diagram shows how all objects are related to one another and helps to quickly analyze where a problem is coming from by drilling down to the underlying issue.

Unified Event Management: Savision centralizes all of your alerts and incidents into one simple to use interface. Search for related alerts and group them into unique incidents that can be created as a single incident.

Functional Specifications

  1. It will load all issues and show them as incidents in iQ.
  2. An issue of any type can be created.
  3. An issue can be updated.

Combined Benefits

Increased up time – and faster time to resolution of incidents.

Improved change management – less outages due to out of date CMDB information.

Cost savings –  20% inbound call reduction and 30% less incidents.

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Savision puts your IT in focus by providing a smart layer on top of your existing IT management systems. It centralizes, unifies and ranks all your IT data, providing you with enterprise wide, search-based access from a single pane of glass.

Get started with Savision today and start managing your IT infrastructures from a single-pane-of-glass.


Atlassian Corporation Plc is an Australian enterprise software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and content management. It is best known for its issue tracking application, Jira Software, and its team collaboration and wiki product, Confluence. Atlassian serves over 120,000 customers.