Introducing Savision iQ v2.0 the Single-Pane-of-Glass

With the increase in the number of monitoring tools being used by IT departments, alert noise is also increasing and can have a direct impact on resolution times as more teams using more tools need to get involved in incident resolution. According to industry statistics, on average 15 tools are used to resolve a single incident. Enter Savision v2.0 your Single-Pane-of-Glass solution

It is not SCOMplicated with OMS: Q&A Session

Savision recently held an online session “It is not SCOMplicated with OMS” featuring MVP Bob Cornellisen. It was a very interactive session with plenty of questions from attendees. Fortuntely Dave Irwin from the Microsoft Service Map team was on hand to help us answer some of those questions.
Take a look at the answers by our experts:

What’s new in Live Maps 8.7?

Processing lots of data from different sources and making sense of it can become difficult if you cannot visualize it all in one place. Live Maps doesn’t just monitor your SCOM and OMS systems. It solves problems by putting the issue clearly right in front of you on clean and personalized dashboards anywhere, on any device. With our latest Live Maps release, v8.7, we are extending its offering to complete the business and technical monitoring dashboards needs of your organization.

ONLINE SESSION: IT is not SCOMplicated with OMS

Join Microsoft MVP SCOM-Bob Cornelissen, titled “IT’s not SCOMplicated with OMS” and find out how to make sure your SCOM investment enhances your OMS data. During this session you will learn how to provide your business with the insights you really need to stay on top of your IT services. The session will take place on Thursday, September 21st at 9:00 AM EDT | 3:00 PM CEST.