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Savision creates the best ways to view and act on complex business information. We keep IT organizations in control of business-critical data—no matter how much of it there is.

Savision Live Maps

SCOM & OMS made easy

Savision Live Maps does more than SCOM and OMS dashboards—it solves problems. The issue appears clearly in front of you so you can solve it rather than waste time chasing down details and alerts. The uniquely targeted Live Maps dashboards give relevant information that’s customized to the viewer, anywhere, on any device. So whether you’re working in the Microsoft Cloud or on premises, you see issues clearly. Act on them quickly. Remove interruptions efficiently. That’s how data monitoring drives business.

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Savision iQ

IT Ops made easy

Savision iQ brings all your complex IT systems into focus. It provides a smart layer on top of your existing IT management systems. No matter the number, source, or type, iQ centralizes, unifies, and ranks all your IT data. Then iQ delivers insights customized to any role through a single pane of glass. You get enterprise-wide, searchbased access you can see at a glance. No more dealing with multiple systems, installs, alerts, and errors. iQ delivers personalized dashboards from any platform with reports and alerts that are relevant, manageable, and actionable for anyone in any role, from CEO to IT manager.

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Our Customers

Over 900 of the world’s most innovative companies, governments and non-profits have deployed Savision to visualize, rationalize, and optimize their IT service delivery workflows.

  • “With Live Maps, we can start troubleshooting the root cause of an outage, not the symptom of the outage itself. In fact, we can often address the root cause before the effect is even reported. Previously, we would respond and begin trouble shooting at the ‘effect’.”

    John Curran
    IT Systems Administrator - Dublin Airport Authority
  • “Live Maps helped us change the way we look at IT – from a traditional way of measuring the availability of individual applications and components of the IT infrastructure to a more end-to-end service experience.”

    Ron Meijer
    CIO - Alphen aan de Rijn
  • “Five minutes after I installed the license, I created the first service and asked myself how I survived without it the last 2 years. The SLA widget for the SCOM dashboards provides a great overview with fewer click-throughs needed.”

    Christopher Maresch
    Senior System Engineer - Austria Card
  • “Live Maps provides the context necessary for us to properly find the most important SCOM alerts. Understanding the service’s context has really helped us zero in on what alerts we need to act upon in SCOM.”

    Jens Hübel
    Head of the IT- Control Center - City of Frankfurt
  • “We had a vision – we wanted a dashboard that would alert us when something was offline, without having to wait for our internal or external customers to report the problem. Live Maps has helped us realize that vision.”

    Roger Salinas
    Network Engineer - Frost Bank
  • “There’s so much more awareness on service and rapid problem resolution. Plus, our junior staff can take problem diagnoses much further than before, freeing up the time of our Level 3 engineers.”

    Nick Long
    Enterprise Platform and Development Manager - Department of Education, Australia
  • “We never had an effective overall perspective before. We had to create it our heads from all the detail. Plus, the ability to drill-down from map to map, all the way to a single node, is priceless. This product is exactly what I was looking for.”

    Eric van den Broek
    Deputy CIO - KPMG
  • “We save a lot of time with Savision. We can instantly distinguish which IT problems are affecting operations from those that aren’t, and can begin troubleshooting in a matter of seconds.”

    Karen Gantly
    IT Operations - Dublin Airport Authority
  • “Live Maps provides an awesome touch point of common understanding between the IT department and non-IT Executives.”

    Rob Edwards
    Senior IT Manager - IDEXX Laboratories
  • “Savision Live Maps can help even if there is no problem because it puts you in control – directly see changes and problems in the environment as they happen and before end users are impacted.”

    Hendrik Heerema
    IT Manager - Ballast Nedam
  • “We wanted to simplify SCOM for our technical staff across the company to create faster resolutions. With Live Maps and SCOM, we have visualizations that help L1 technical support engineers to identify the root cause quickly. This is a significant improvement for a complex IT infrastructure landscape.”

    Gaurav Gulati
    Global CIO - SMR Automotive Systems
  • “Our employees are more productive and our customers are happier.”

    Georg Michailidis
    Head of IT & Network - Austria Card

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